The Stories Boutique Hotel Budapest

Write your story. Screw happily ever after. Have no regrets. Put your phone away. Surround yourself with beauty. Say “I love you.” Do something that scares you. Stop waiting for the perfect moment—it doesn’t exist. This is your story. Start writing it. And make it the best fucking story you’ve ever heard.

Write your story.

Away from home, in the most inviting boutique hotel in amazing Budapest, let your imagination come to life. With plenty of space to yourself and utmost privacy at The Stories Boutique Hotel in Budapest, explore what you’ve always wanted to do—all in the comfort of your room. This is where your best story starts.

Let us be your supporting cast.

The Stories Boutique Hotel is a place and an experience in Budapest. Settle into your story, and we’ll help you bring it to life, whether you want the most luxurious spa treatment, a chef-prepared dinner, a new tattoo or… The options are endless. And you don’t even have to leave your room for it.

In your story—and at The Stories Boutique Hotel Budapest—anything is possible; we make sure of that.

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